Motivation Proclamation

I will tighten the loose bolts and screws of my life.
I will continue to climb my fitness goals and maintain them.
I will train my body to comfortably run 7 miles at once.
I will lose 20lbs in the next two months and again in the following four.
I will only watch one hour of television a week.
I will drink once a week and have one "bad" meal per week.
... Okay, maybe a glass of wine every once in a while won't hurt. and...
I will continue to be awesome.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Day 1!

I had a really difficult time getting to sleep last night, so my day started out kind of late--around 9am or so. I got a little studying done, showered up, had my breakfast and coffee, then jetted over to the boyfriend's house for a philly-style date.

It was quite lovely to say the least! We had (more) coffee, which is never a bad thing unless it is in the late evening... We hung out in the sun for a bit and then he took me to see the new Disneynature Documentary "Oceans" and it was great! From the crazy crabs to the giant great white (with the incredibly insane--I absolutely have a death wish--diver attached to the side of him!) and gigantic jelly fish, to the adorable sea otters and I didn't even mind the evil polarbear scene :) It was visually stunning no doubt.

I did good for my diet, ate some good (not fried) sushi at Big Fish and other healthy snacks throughout the day. Definitely stuck with an ocean theme all day!

I've got to finish the other page I'm using for my exercise diary (see below), but I've really got to hit the sack so I can get up at 4:30am tomorrow. Okay, maybe 5am. But, it's definitely a start! --this will be where I will update my gym stats daily.

Good night!

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  1. I'm 5AM!? On Saturdays, I feel like I got ripped off if I wake up any earlier than 10AM. You are crazy! I've started slow (like extremely slow) with my workout regime which includes: jogging twice a week and the gym atleast once on the weekends. It's a start!