Motivation Proclamation

I will tighten the loose bolts and screws of my life.
I will continue to climb my fitness goals and maintain them.
I will train my body to comfortably run 7 miles at once.
I will lose 20lbs in the next two months and again in the following four.
I will only watch one hour of television a week.
I will drink once a week and have one "bad" meal per week.
... Okay, maybe a glass of wine every once in a while won't hurt. and...
I will continue to be awesome.

Monday, April 26, 2010

...And So It Begins.

I know, right... 170!? I'm rollin' out the red carpet in the early a.m. April 27th 2010. No more messing around!

Every plan needs a good structure to be successful.

So to follow my motivation proclamation, i'm using a simple diet plan that my boyfriend--the amazing and wonderful Phillip--had introduced to me last year. Anyone can use it. It's a free fill in the blank style website-- The diet plan is extremely flexible and thrives on high fiber and low sugar calorie consumption.
You use the body calculator to answer questions about desirable weight loss, calorie intake per day, etc. They give you examples of meals to eat per day, as well as how many servings of the food you should eat. There is then a list of the foods represented in those categories (i.e. starch, fruit, lean meats, and fats), with the serving size for each one.

My diet will be based off of a 1600 calorie diet to start. I've taken out what I normally eat and have put together my own simplified list to take with me to the grocery store. I also made a weekly checklist to make sure I am consuming the right amount and right type of food each day.

I plan to lose 5 el bees every other week for the first two months (May and June). Then double the time to four months (July through October) just in time to look damn good in a costume on Halloween! God, I love Halloween.

My excercise plan is not completely finished. The plan is to be able to comfortably run seven miles--see above :) There will be a lot of cross-training going on in the cardio department as well as strength training. This will be posted soon no doubt. I will be using this good ol' blog as a sort of excercise diary.

I'm pumped! And I have to go to bed in a few short hours... so I can wake up early... gd "MP" (that's what we'll call it for lack of redundancy). So as I stare at my delicious Vanilla Coke Zero, thinking well... I can't have the caffeene because I'll be up all night, wish me luck!

(although I'm pretty sure I don't need it) ;)


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  1. GOOD LUCK!!! I'm trying to detox/lose weight/be healthier (especially before Vegas) but you will be my inspiration, darling! I'm completely sore from the gym yesterday, getting in and out of my chair at work is like watching a strongman competition, there's a lot of grunting and straining and pain on my face, although I'm not a big, 300lb mass of muscle...just yet...